Inconvenient Document ID, Move To and Durable Links

In order to create durable document links, you can activate Document ID Service feature in any SharePoint site collection (the modern ones, too!). Activating this feature will automatically create a unique ID for every document stored in any library inside the site collection. Document ID Service was first introduced in SharePoint Server 2010 and has been available on-prem and online since that. Please note that ID Service is a Site Collection level feature – it was not designed to support modern flat structures. This means that you can’t take advantage of unique document ID’s if you need to move documents from site or team to another.

Once the feature has been activated, you can use Document ID to create a durable link i.e. persistent, unique link to a document. Document ID link will remain the same even if you move the document to different library or folder (inside the single site collection). This is how it’s supposed to work.

Unfortunately, moving the document to a different library using the modern Move to -function from the ribbon will actually create a new Document ID and thus broke the link. It seems that Move to -function does not really move the document but instead creates a copy with same creation metadata and deletes the original one. However, using the Move to -function inside the library, e.g. moving documents from one folder to another, does not change the ID.

If you move the document using Move-function in old Content and Structure -view (which will soon be deprecated), the Document ID will remain the same despite moving the document to a different document library.

In a nutshell:

  • You can activate Document ID service from site collection features. This creates unique IDs for all documents and allows you to use durable document links.
  • Durable document links will work if you move the document to different library or folder inside the site collection using Content and Structure view.
  • But if you move the document to another library using Move to -function from the ribbon, you’ll end up with new Document ID and broken link.
  • However, you can use Move to -function inside the library (move between folders) without breaking the link.

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